Happy 8 Week Birthday Lily Marie (aka Sister)! 

You have brought us so much joy and happiness since you arrived on August 3rd.  In such a short time you’ve changed so much.  I can’t believe how big you are getting and how fast you are growing.  You weighed 9 lbs 11 oz at your one month appointment and I know you’ve grown so much more since then. 

These days you are very active.  You smile more often now especially when mommy or daddy plays with you. While you’ve always been a smiler, we can actually elicit a smile from you when we are playing with you.  You love peek-a-boo especially when we use a blanket to hide from you, playing in your activity gym kicking and batting at the animals, and you even have propelled yourself forward over a foot when on your tummy (watch out mommy).  Your biggest change is that you make eye contact more frequently.  You love to watch and examine your surroundings making goofy noises and movements as you do it.  Your excitement is contagious — who knew a fan could be so fascinating.  Its amazing to see you grow and know how much you love being near those who love you even fussing just so someone will come be near you.  We certainly love being near you. 

It is amazing to see your personality shine through at such a young age.  We love watching you explore your surroundings and how well you adapt to many situations (even LOUD ones).  While we wish we could slow down time to savor each minute just a little bit more, we are eagerly anticipating each moment with you.  We love you baby girl. 


Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother Braden

PS.  You’re a little stinker — you already know how to mess with mommy so she can’t catch a good picture of you.  Your brother has taught you well. 

PPS.  To those who are curious, Lily’s nickname “Sister” came about when Braden would come to kiss and hug his sister while she was nameless and in my belly (from 4 months on).  It has stuck unfortunately.  I’m sure she will hate us for this later on in life.