Chiropractic Love

Twelve years ago when I first started exhibiting signs of Celiac disease (ie horrific stomach pains), the ONLY medical professional who could get rid of the pain (for a couple weeks at a time) was my Chiropractor.  When I developed other symptoms; arthritis at 25 in multiple areas, fatigue so bad they diagnosed me as narcoleptic/idiopathic hypersomnia, migraine headaches 6 days a week if not more, and many more symptoms.  My chiropractor was the one who said “all of these problems are stemming from your gut (ie gastrointestinal tract).”  It took almost 10 years for her instincts to be proven correct with my diagnosis of Celiac disease. 

From there, it was my lovely chiropractor (and also my amazing massage therapist) who used cranial sacral therapy to help me through some of my nausea and problems during pregnancy.  I would walk hobble into the office some days and walk out like I had no problems what so ever.  My nausea was much improved and I was able to move about without as much discomfort. 

So today, I went to visit with Lily and Braden.  I hadn’t yet introduced Lily to these lovely ladies.  While there, I shared my woes of Lily’s recent ear infection (having to go through 2 rounds of antibiotics) and my amazing chiropractor adjusted Lily right there.  She and my amazing massage therapist (who has many other talents other than just massage) worked on Lily as they interacted with her.  They immediately were able to provide some natural probiotics to help her with her reflux.  They even were able to adjust her and make her more comfortable to ease the inflammation in her ears.  In addition to all that, I got GREAT referrals to some homeopathic docs in the area.  Some who also practice as medical doctors.  :o)  Excited to research more into the topic. 

Bottom Line:  My chiropractor is gifted.  She has a calming, healing touch and its no wonder shes booked solid for months in advance.