Cranial Sacral Therapy

As many of you know, I’ve been down and out with this pregnancy and my diagnosis of hyperemesis.  This whole time has been really difficult to endure and while I’ve attained a level of stability, I’ve had to give up a whole lot in the process.  The last few weeks have been rough on my body, the nausea can tend to get worse, food isn’t being processed as quickly as it should, and there are times where my body just won’t cooperate. 

I’ve visited the GI — with no real suggestions on his part, been to the OB every two weeks for about my WHOLE pregnancy, and I’ve tried many different medications and supplements.  I’ve been lucky to find a way to maintain myself where I can be “ok.”  Now “ok” in my situation is probably not what you’re thinking of “ok.”  I can’t physically exert myself much or end up with debilitating nausea, hot sweats, weakness, etc.  Walking for too long will not only cause contractions and again nausea, hot sweats, bla bla.  I’ve basically been told by several doctors since the first time I was treated in January, that I might not be able to do what I want to. 

At first, I was hell bent on getting back to work.  I needed to be back at my job.  I’d run myself down and go to work *work when sick etc*, my whole aim was getting back to work.  My doctors were certainly very frustrated with me during this time.  The response I kept getting was that I may not be able to go back to work and that I needed to accept this.  I had several episodes where I’d break down and cry because I felt I needed to be back to work.  It wasn’t long until I realized that the docs were right, I physically couldn’t do it. 

I sit here at home in the air conditioning and still require a fan on me.  I can only get out of the house for a small amount of time every few days (if I’m lucky).  The doctors and I believe that if I stopped the treatment I’m receiving I’d be back in the hospital.  So I maintain my level of stability.  I’ve gained a ton of weight because I cant exert myself too much and because carbs are the ONLY thing that ease my nauseous stomach.  It’s either lose too much weight or gain too much.  Gaining is the only healthy option for baby.

These last few weeks have increasingly become more difficult.  I can’t take my medication and drive so when I leave the house for an appointment it is a nightmare.  I get white faced, sweaty, nauseous, and feel rather terrible.  These days getting out of the house is even more difficult as baby is growing larger and is VERY low.  This has been atrocious and I’ve decided to look into more natural alternatives.  Accupuncture?  I’m a bit squeemish.  So I decided on Cranial Sacral Therapy.  It sounds hokey but you know what, I could hardly walk in to the office today and when I left I definitely felt much better.  The exercises and breathing techniques I’ve been taught will hopefully help me even more at home.  When it comes to your body’s health, there is so much out there and many ancient remedies/holistic treatments that sound hokey might actually work.  At this point, I’m going to do whatever makes me feel better. 

Random Stuff

It’s been quite a few days since I’ve last posted.  It has been a very busy time in my life.  Hubby traveling for work and away for several days, followed by a long hockey tournament weekend and even more day trips traveling for work after that.  I finally feel that this past weekend things have calmed down. 

I’ve been pulling through each day and trying to maintain a positive attitude.  I get frustrated by my physical inabilities lately and what I just cannot do.  My baby girl is healthy though and has a great heart beat.  She kicks and kicks, becoming more active each day.  Meanwhile, I feel like a whale.  I either can’t gain weight because I can’t eat or gain too much because the only way the nausea stops is if I’m eating.  Positivity must kick in and say that whatever I gain now is making it easier for the baby if the nausea gets worse later in the pregnancy.  Doctor says she isn’t concerned with the weight, but I am.  Oh well. 

On to happier notes, I’ve spent a lot of time with my little guy this past week and a half as hubby was so busy.  It is amazing to see how tender hearted this kid is.  Mommy doesn’t feel good, he walks up to me out of the blue, hugs my leg and gives my leg a kiss.  He instructs daddy to hug and kiss me, then hug and kiss my belly.  B reads baby stories using my nook or even makes up his own songs to sing her (about lightening mcqueen of course).  Every little thing about his caring nature melts my heart a little more and makes me so happy he’s going to be a big brother and a great influence to this baby. 

As for gluten free adventures, I’ve been slacking lately.  I’ve created a white chocolate cake with a marachino cherry filling and white chocolate buttercream.  Hubby says that this is one recipe he cannot resist.  I’ll have to put it all together and post the recipe soon.  I also created a banana poundcake with a vanilla buttercream filling.  This was my favorite as I successfully recreated our wedding cake a la Hotel duPont.  It’s another recipe I’ll have to post.