7 months

I can’t believe my baby is 7 months old already. Time really does fly by. In those seven months, L has grown so much physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. L now weighs 15 lbs 2.5oz and is 27inches long. She is an active baby who tries desperately to keep up with big brother B.

While Lily can sit up solo for a short time, sitting up isn’t important to her, she would rather try to crawl. She definitely has a untraditional crawl right now. It’s like half army crawl have scoot. Getting up into traditional crawling position is something she does often but she usually plops down and goes to her special crawling method. I can’t help but laugh at her creativity already. While in her walker she destroys Bs train tracks, opens cupboards, drawers, and gets into just about everything. We are baby proof but I wouldn’t put it past this one to get around that.

L is now eating some solid foods. Her favorites right now are sweet potatoes, squash, lentils, and rice. Surprisingly she doesn’t yet like fruit much. She will gnaw on a rice rusk and loves gnawing on everything. Feeding her is quite interesting because she will grab the spoon right away from you. It usually takes multiple spoons to distract her enough to get the food in her mouth. Her personality always shines through though, laughing and trying to feed herself with her thousand spoons.

Our little love bug is already showing her radiant personality to everyone around her. She has a smile for everyone all the time even if she feels awful. Her laughter is contagious and having her is a delight.

Happy 7 months (a few days late) to my little love bug.